About Us


Tee Tiny Houses is dedicated to artfully crafting beautiful and efficient small houses for live, work, or play. We exist to enrich the lives of others and the communities around us.

Our Story

Founded by a family skilled in construction, design, marketing, and fine craftsmanship.

Jimmy and Cherie Hebert, Owners of Tee Tiny Houses of Arnaudville

Jimmy and Cherie Hebert, Owners of Tee Tiny Houses of Arnaudville

"Shiny Tiny" House

Shiny Tin

George Marks

George Marks, Executive Director Nunu’s Art Collective

Our family has been in the hardware, lumber, and building businesses for over 35 years. My wife, Cherie, is a designer and owns a marketing firm, and I am a residential contractor and specialty lumber salesman; so between the two of us, we knew we had the skill set to design and build quality tiny homes.

My father retired, and we found ourselves with a vacant 15,000 square foot building in Arnaudville, LA on the border of St. Landry and St. Martin Parishes. Then, George Marks entered the picture. George is an artist and the Executive Director of NUNUs, a non-profit art collective and creative placemaking organization in Arnaudville that had built a tiny house as an art collective project. It was hugely popular, so George proposed that our facility could be converted into a tiny house design and manufacturing facility.

After a year of research, we discovered our passion and committed ourselves to be the first manufacturing facility of highly crafted, custom tiny houses in the state of Louisiana. — Jimmy Hebert

What We Do and Why We Do It


“With each hand that touches each Tee Tiny House, a bit of love is transferred. We are committed to high quality design and construction.”

Tee Tiny Houses builds handcrafted small homes that are beautifully designed and use high-quality materials. Each home incorporates the talent of local artisans, contributing to the growth of the creative and cultural economy.

Above and beyond anything, we are dedicated to high-quality design and construction. There are tiny houses out there that are cheaper than ours, but we guarantee they are not built better than ours nor will last longer.

With every decision we make related to the construction of a Tee Tiny Home, we are dedicated to:

  • a commitment to design excellence
  • the creation of highly functional space within each small footprint, that is comfortable, practical and efficient
  • the use of the best materials and products we can find, within reason, to manufacture our houses
  • assisting our buyers with the creation of the perfect place to fit their needs


Our Team


Cherie Hebert, President


Cherie has over 29 years experience in design, advertising and marketing. She assists with the custom design of each tiny house to ensure that each house meets the needs of our clients.


Jimmy Hebert, Residential Contractor


Jimmy has over 22 years experience in the construction industry and has been a licensed residential contractor for over 15 years. Jimmy makes materials selections and oversees the construction of each tiny house built.


Ted Broussard, Plan Designer and Project Manager


Ted has over 40 years experience in residential and light commercial construction and design. He works with our clients to develop custom plans to fit their specific needs. He oversees quality assurance for each build.

Denice Babineaux, Office Manager


Denice has over 15 years experience working in construction and project accounting and management. She maintains all accounting for the business, manages job costs, and oversees the facility.


Daniela De Luca, Marketing Specialist


Daniela assists with marketing for Tee Tiny Houses, website maintenance, database management, email marketing, and communications.