The opportunity to use a Tee Tiny House for promotion is limitless. It’s all dependent on the imagination of the business marketer on how to use this extraordinary concept to drive brand awareness and revenue.

In addition to our residential tiny houses, Tee Tiny Houses offers design/build services for the construction of tiny mobile commercial units.

Tiny houses also offer businesses the opportunity to operate on a smaller footprint without having to incur in a long-term financial commitment to one singular location, as their mobility offers the business the opportunity to try out different locations.

Tiny houses offer retail businesses the opportunity to host brand activation events on location at trade shows, neighborhoods, fairs, festivals, community events, and on location in different markets.

Tiny houses can be used commercially:

  • To showcase goods and materials
  • As an office
  • For studio space
  • As a retail store
  • As a mini restaurant, pub, or coffee shop
  • As a mobile exhibit
  • For brand activation events
  • As a Pop-Up store