Tee Tiny Houses Information

Thank you for your interest in Tee Tiny Houses!

Our business is currently under development, but more details will be coming soon!

Tee Tiny Houses is a turnkey provider, offering a selection of five models to choose from. You can simply pick your favorite model, select from our customization options, and we will build your personal Tee Tiny House! All will be mobile, available for pick-up or delivery! Costs will range from $50-$70K not inclusive of upgrades.

We will begin construction on our first model in April 2017. We currently have our first model designed and the four others are in the final stages of development. Our first model, the “Zaunbrecher”, is named after the design’s architects.

You have been added to our contact list and will notify you of development details.

Thank you!

Tee Tiny Houses

4 thoughts on “Tee Tiny Houses Information

    1. Hi Peggy, I do not think you will find a finished tiny house for purchase for $15,000. Tiny houses are built much sturdier and with materials that you would typically find in an upscale house. Although they are small, they have many amenities that make the cost to build them much higher than $15,000. For starters, a 24′ heavy duty trailer appropriate for building is $6,100 just for the trailer. Building materials, appliances and utility infrastructure would run close to $30,000 without labor. An option could be for you could be to finance a tiny home and put $15,000 down as a deposit and have a monthly note. We would like to keep you on our mailing list so that we can share our models as they become available. You may find something that we build that you like and can afford:) Thank you for reaching out.:)


    1. Hi Brittanny,

      Thank you for contacting us here at Tee Tiny Houses. At this point we are just getting our business rolling building tiny houses on trailers and don’t plan to deviate from that business model at this time. You never know what the future will bring, but for now we are sticking with our factory-built product:) Please feel free to come out and check out our first Tee Tiny House that is under construction on Saturday, July 22 from 9-1 in Arnaudville. We are offering a sneak peek to pioneers:) Live easy.


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