2 thoughts on “The Zaunbrecher

  1. I am looking to buy a tiny house; it has been a dream of mine since they were first being advertised. I am from the lake charles, la area. Would love one on wheels. The zaunbrecher design is pretty cool. Im interested in getting more info about price and how it all works.


    1. Hi Terran, It is so good to hear from you and I am so happy you like the Zaunbrecher. We love it too as it has all of the amenities of a regular home to make living easy on a small scale! We are beginning the build of the Zaunbrecher at our facility in Arnaudville, LA. We are going to have a “Tiny Tour” open to folks who have contacted us and are interested in models on July 22. At that point, the Zaunbrecher will be well underway if you would like to come out and see it in person. We estimate that the Zaunbrecher will retail for $50 – $70k depending on the selections and amenities made by the purchaser. Basically the way it will work with our business is that a potential tiny house buyer will have 3-5 models to choose from (exterior and interior plans). From there, they will be able to make some selections to customize their house to their taste. Such as, select windows, exterior and interior finishes and colors, flooring, upgrades on appliances, stairs vs. ladders and some other things. Once a buyer makes her or her selections, we will provide a quote, once approved and accepted by the client, a purchase agreement will be drawn up and a deposit will be required to begin the build. A production timeline will be provided, and the buyer will be able to check in at various stages throughout the build. When done, the final sale and transfer of the model will be made to the buyer.

      But before all of this happens, we would strongly suggest that you begin looking for a location to park your tiny house. If in an urban area you will need to investigate the zoning requirements of your area. You must also consider how you are going to handle water, power and sewage. These are things you can research and begin thinking about prior to your build. Don’t despair, Tiny House living is new to Louisiana, so some of the restrictions have not yet caught up, but with more and more of us wanting to live tiny they are coming:)

      If you would like to arrange to talk to us in person or over the phone, we’d be happy to oblige. Please feel free to email me at cherie@teetinyhouses.com.

      All my best, Cherie


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